Reguler House Cleaning

Regular Home Cleaning Service Canberra

We offer a thorough domestic cleaning and our friendly staff use a check list to make sure that our clients’ homes are left spotless. A busy life can leave you with little or no time to carry out a proper clean of your residence which is where we can come to the rescue. Save yourself the time and hassle with our professional cleaning services.

BCS Cleaning Maintenance are fully equipped with all necessary equipment and cleaning agents to make easy work of dirty rental properties no matter how large or how dirty they are.  Our experience and skills will solve any cleaning problem quickly and efficiently.

Regular Home Cleaning Service Canberra

Our Range of House Cleaning Services - Regular Home Cleaning Service Canberra

Our team of friendly, reliable and trustworthy home cleaners will make sure to leave your home looking fresh, tidy and at its sparkling best. We know that it’s the little things that count and that your needs are unique. That’s why we can provide additional extras like: cleaning fridges, bedmaking and laundry – just tell us what you want and we’ll build it into your service.

Book an ongoing regular home clean suited to your lifestyle and never have to worry about household chores again!


  • ✓ Clean &sanitise bench tops, cupboard door handles & fronts
  • ✓ Clean Stove top & Oven front door
  • ✓ Wipe over Rangehood
  • ✓ Clean Microwave inside & out
  • ✓ Clean Splashback
  • ✓ Wipe Dishwasher & Freezer fronts
  • ✓ Clean Sink & Tap
  • ✓ Wipe Stools

  • ✓ Empty Rubbish Bins
  • ✓ Wipe / dust all reachable surfaces
  • ✓ Wipe Lights switches & Door handles
  • ✓ Vacuum Carpets & Rugs
  • ✓ Exterior Cabinets surface wipe
  • ✓ Clean Mirrors
  • ✓ Sweep/Mop Floor
  • ✓ Clean back of Front Door and Stairs framing

  • ✓ Dust Furniture & Blinds
  • ✓ Tidying Beds
  • ✓ Clean marks on Doors
  • UPON REQUEST: Bed making

✓ Wipe Dining Table & Chairs

✓ Dust off Couch & neaten cushions

  • ✓ Scrub & Clean Showers
  • ✓ Scrub & Clean Baths
  • ✓ Scrub & Clean Basins / Sink
  • ✓ Clean &Sanitise Toilets
  • ✓ Clean Mirrors & glass fixtures
  • ✓ Wipe / polish tapware
  • ✓ Fold & Straighten Towels
  • ✓ Clean Toilet Roll Holder

  • ✓ Clean Sink & Tapware
  • ✓ Wipe down cabinet front
  • ✓ Wipe down benchtop & shelving
UPON REQUEST: Washing & Drying

INTERNAL WINDOWS:  On rotation, or only if time available within service time agreed

WALLS & SKIRTING BOARDS:  On rotation or only if time available within service time agreed

BLINDS: On rotation or only if time available within the service time agreed

PATIO/EXTERIOR: On rotation or only if time available within service time agreed

Regular Home Cleaning Service Canberra

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange regular cleaning?

Once we’ve done the first clean and you are wanting for this to be recurring, kindly let our cleaners know this and we’ll arrange this. Alternatively, our customer service representative will give you a call to follow up regarding the job done and you can book your regular clean then.

What happens if I am not happy with the work carried out?

This rarely happens, but if it does, please make sure to give us a call as soon as possible and provide feedback. We have a number of cleaners who specialise in different areas of cleaning.

The most common issue when the customer does not let the cleaner know what areas require attention most or if the amount of time for the cleaner is not enough to do everything. We take care to train our cleaners to make sure they can communicate with you on these points.

Do I have to be home when the cleaning takes place?

You being home is preferred the first time, however, is not necessary the following times. Just arrange to leave us a key and we will get your house cleaned.

Who will come to clean my house?

We work with a team of local cleaners who have been working with us for quite some time. In order to join our team, we require police clearance, insurance, and adequate communication standards to take place.We normally try to get the same person to perform regular cleans, however, due to their availability may engage a different cleaner. If this happens, this will be communicated first.

How long does it normally take to clean a house?

If the house has been cleaned more than 6 weeks prior to getting cleaners we would recommend doing what is called a deep clean. For a 3-4 bedroom/2 bathroom house this takes around 5 hours. After than regular cleaning for a similar size house is normally about 3-4 hours if the cleans are done fortnightly.