Frequently Asked Questions

Once we’ve done the first clean and you are wanting for this to be recurring, kindly let our cleaners know this and we’ll arrange this. Alternatively, our customer service representative will give you a call to follow up regarding the job done and you can book your regular clean then.

This rarely happens, but if it does, please make sure to give us a call as soon as possible and provide feedback. We have a number of cleaners who specialise in different areas of cleaning.

The most common issue when the customer does not let the cleaner know what areas require attention most or if the amount of time for the cleaner is not enough to do everything. We take care to train our cleaners to make sure they can communicate with you on these points.

You being home is preferred the first time, however, is not necessary the following times. Just arrange to leave us a key and we will get your house cleaned.

We work with a team of local cleaners who have been working with us for quite some time. In order to join our team, we require police clearance, insurance, and adequate communication standards to take place.

We normally try to get the same person to perform regular cleans, however, due to their availability may engage a different cleaner. If this happens, this will be communicated first.

If the house has been cleaned more than 6 weeks prior to getting cleaners we would recommend doing what is called a deep clean. For a 3-4 bedroom/2-bathroom house this takes around 5 hours. After than regular cleaning for a similar size house is normally about 3-4 hours if the cleans are done fortnightly.

Our business hours are 08:00-6:30 pm Monday to Friday

Saturday and Sunday are from 08:00-5:30 pm

Yes, we as a business and our teams are all fully insured and Police cleared.

Yes, we are, all we ask is that you give us more than 24 hours’ notice prior.

Yes, we do. Otherwise, we can send out an individual instead of a pair.

Of course, you can.

We provide all equipment and consumables, but if you want us to use your specific equipment and or consumables, that is completely fine.

Yes, we sure can.

Yes, we can. Just leave the clothes that need to be hung out in the laundry and let us know, so we can inform our Housekeeping WA team

Yes, we can. Be sure to let us know, so we can inform our housekeeping team

You sure can! Email it to us and we will pass it onto our housekeeping team or you can print it out or verbally tell our BCS Cleaning Maintenance team

Yes of course, We have plenty of our BCS Cleaning Maintenance teams. You can change as frequently as you like.

Yes, we do, hence why we Pride ourselves of being a “One Stop Shop”

Our team provide all equipment and products saving you the hassle of having to worry about buying cleaning supplies on an ongoing basis. Products carried by our team must be safe for biocycle and septic systems and are non-toxic. We take the time to understand if you have any allergies or issues that could restrict the use of some products, and this information is conveyed to our cleaners

We understand many clients prefer to use a particular cleaning product or piece of equipment in their home, and our cleaners will in this situation use the products and equipment you supply and recommend.

We want pets and people in the house to be comfortable when the cleaner arrives and the cleaner will work around you to ensure that those at home can get on with their work and daily activities as normal.  Our cleaners have a lot of experience in working around pets, and will decide with you the best option whilst the clean is being completed.

Yes.  For regular service clients we match the same cleaner to your service schedule so that an ongoing, friendly and trusted relationship can be built. In the event that the cleaner is sick, on holidays or not able to provide service on your scheduled day we can provide a replacement.

For regular service clients you pay the cleaner directly after the service provided. For initial cleans we recommend cash and after this you can set up an ongoing payment arrangement with your cleaner. Invoices and receipts can be provided by our team.

Payment for non-regular services will be agreed between BCS Cleaning Maintenance and yourself with payment required before or on the same day of service unless otherwise agreed.

Our stringent recruitment and training process ensure that all our team are police checked and trained in the effective use of cleaning equipment and chemicals. This ensures that only trustworthy cleaners will be entering your home or property.  

All cleaners employed by BCS Cleaning Maintenance are covered by Public Liability Insurance. This means that you and your home are protected from injury or damage in the unlikely event of cleaner’s negligence. This together with our 200% satisfaction guarantee are key reasons why clients take the safe option and select BCS Cleaning Maintenance.

We provide regular client surveys and this information is reviewed to ensure our team are providing high standards of performance. If you are unhappy about the service or with your cleaner just contact us and we will rectify the issues and if required replace the cleaner with discretion and courtesy.


We provide a flexible service so if you want to change your schedule, days or requirements just contact us accordingly and we will address this. There are no contracts so you are free to adjust or change as required.

200% satisfaction guarantee

Today more and more people are living busy and stressful lives. Weekends are often crammed for many with personal relaxation and family activities so finding the time to maintain a tidy house is challenging. By hiring a professional cleaner, you not only get a professionally cleaned home, but more time to spend on the things you want to do, or more opportunity to develop your career and income.