Hospital Cleaning


Hiring healthcare cleaning professionals is essential when dealing with human health and wellbeing. Once you’ve hired us, you’re making a statement to patients, visitors and staff of medical clinics as to what cleanliness should be. Our dedicated hospital cleaning team will ensure that things don’t just LOOK clean, they ARE clean.

We know that avoiding cross contamination in any healthcare facility is paramount and our carefully administered Colour Code System is key to our success in this regard. Our high-quality cleaning chemicals and strict compliance with health and safety guidelines ensure the provision of a first class yet cost-effective hospital cleaning service.

We have been providing outstanding hospital cleaning services across Canberra for many years with the added bonus that our highly trained staff are fully vetted with a strong understanding of the importance of security and confidentiality in the workplace. Using our knowledge and experience we can deliver a bespoke cleaning contract to meet your precise requirements whilst giving your patients and visitors confidence in the cleanliness of your facility.

hospital Cleaning Canberra

BCS Cleaning Maintenance Specialised Medical Cleaning Services Include:

We cover all aspects of medical cleaning and ensure that your facility is germs and infection free at all times. We take pride in being a team of trained, insured, and Experienced Commercial Cleaners in Canberra. We have worked with leading medical facilities in Canberra and offered premium results. We ensure that the team of cleaners assigned to your project comes with

 All the knowledge and expertise required to perform the cleaning procedures. We are very concerned about the cleaners we take on board and pay special attention to discipline, knowledge in the medical cleaning domain, and dedication to perfection. Our cleaning staff undergoes rigorous training and is made dependable to offer discreet cleaning services in a medical environment.

What We Do

Our Medical Cleaning Services Canberra

At BCS Cleaning Maintenance Medical Cleaning Company Canberra, we work with the aim to make a clean, healthy and safe environment for you and your patients. We want you to be able to keep your medical centres free of germs and bacteria and take good care of the well-being of your staff and patients.

We’ll do everything in our power to achieve these goals. Our cleaners are trained in professional cleaning of all types of healthcare centres, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, old age homes, and more.

Hospital/Clinic cleaning

We specialise in complete cleaning of hospitals and clinics, which include cleaning & sterilisation of medical equipment, examination rooms, operation theatres, toilets & bathrooms, labs, floors, and more.

Healthcare Centre Cleaning

Got a healthcare centre that needs to be cleaned and organised? Our expert cleaners will take care of regular cleaning and hygienic maintenance of your medical centre without disturbing your staff.

Nursing Home Cleaning Canberra

Hire professional cleaning services of Clean Group Canberra to get your nursing home or old-age centre regularly cleaned. Our cleaners will deep clean your floors, furniture, carpets, toilets and take care of sanitation.

Germs and bacteria protection

We will eliminate up to 99% of bacteria and other harmful viruses from the surface, walls, benches and other places of your medical facility by using our high-quality disinfectants and cleaning products.


We will thoroughly sterilise everything, from medical tools to patient beds, chairs, floors and other things to help you maintain a healthy workplace and to prevent germs from spreading.

Disinfection of sensitive areas

Areas such as staircase balustrades, doorknobs, telephones are constantly touched by people, leaving and spreading germs. We will take special care of cleaning such areas for complete protection.