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Professional commercial cleaning services Canberra

BCS Cleaning has been serving Canberra commercial workplaces for over 20 years by providing professional commercial cleaning services across Canberra. We have a large, dedicated team of qualified cleaners that primarily provide cleaning services for offices, retail and shopping centers, medical centers, industrial cleaning and restaurant and pub cleaning.

Cleaning a workplace should be done regularly with the essential factors to be considered in cleaning. It is very well needed thing for any place as no one can live in a dirty place with a lot of germs and dust.

Commercial office cleaning Canberra has spread out in the various regions in ACT with the demand for our company. Office cleaning companies Canberra always cover the whole work place with all the facilities they have for cleaning. When choosing a contractor for office cleaning there are some factors that should be considered. To have a 100% commercial cleaning services these factors should be fulfilled.

Factors should be considered in Office cleaning Services.


When you select a commercial cleaning company, first you should check whether they have a good history as commercial cleaners. So, you can go through the customer feedback they have and you can make sure the quality of the services they have done in the recent past.

Experience and training:

Having a considerable number of periods in experience is a positive point in selecting a commercial cleaning services company. Having a trained staff also can reduce the faults that happen in the cleaning sessions. Checking up on the training that the cleaners go through should also be done when choosing a commercial cleaners Canberra. Also, you can have a check up on the training session that if they have updated the training sessions with the advanced equipment they use.


Any company should have a certification of a recommended institute to show that they are a well-managed company and that they have a good history of services. Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIVIS), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and CIMS Green Building are some of the institutions and standards that can be shown if any customer is asked. Certifications can be asked for any customer before selecting the commercial cleaning services to have trust for the company which they are going handover the cleaning purposes of the company.


Making sure whether the commercial cleaning services have fully insured for the safety of the customer and the also the safety of the members of the cleaning team. This gives an effect to the company and to the facilities of the company as if any fault happens when cleaning the company the regarded conditions can apply in correcting them.


Availability is an essential factor that should be considered as if the commercial cleaners are not available in the relevant time that the customer is needed there would be an issue in the trust between the customer and the company that gives the office cleaning services. So, before selecting office cleaners Canberra you should have an idea about the blackout times in their schedule. And customer should have an idea if any service is needed on an emergency request or any issue happen suddenly which will needed in outside of regular business hours. This factor is an important factor that should be considered as these kinds of activities may happen in any company, for example parties that will pop-up suddenly.


Customer should have an idea how the cleaner would measure and track their success on the workplace. Also customer should give attention to the process of offering a formal complaint, if the customer needs to offer any idea of the services in both good and bad manner.

Green cleaning:

Green cleaning is a very important factor that should be considered as with the pollution that happens regularly in these days. Green thing have become a solid big thing these days that will any prominent company would consider. Check whether if the team of cleaners use green cleaning products, processes and certifications that the cleaners have. The kinds of green certifications that commercial cleaning company has received should too be considered as to meet environmental goals in your company.

Customized plans and programs:

In this point customer should check out whether the cleaning program carries on in a same manner where only the given tasks are done when happening the cleaning session. Ask the cleaners if they offer any add-on services that would give your workplace a new-look. These kinds of customized plans would help to get the attention of the customer.


Make sure that the company is under the laws of OSHA and provides uniforms to the members of the cleaning team where they can be easily recognized. The processes and procedures for protecting confidential records and keeping doors locked should be maintained by the office cleaners by using a unique badge or with the uniform they are wearing. These should be supervised by the company, because if not customer should have to keep staff member to maintain the safety

Supplies and Equipment:

When choosing office cleaning services another prominent factor that should be considered is that the products that cleaning company uses. The customer should ask the products and equipment that the office cleaners use, to check whether they are environmentally friendly.