Best Office Cleaner Canberra

BCS Cleaning is very proud to offer our clients access to the most reliable and consistent office cleaning service in Canberra. Our services are available to businesses ranging from small, 3-staff offices to towering high-rises.

Regular Office Cleaning Service Canberra

At BCS Cleaning, we want to be your choice in office cleaning companies, and we know that we have the skills, experience, reputation and drive to deliver. Every business is different and all our Cleaning Proposals are customised for your business, based on your wishes, requirements and plans.

Getting Started With a Regular Office Cleaner Canberra

The first point of call is booking a Site Inspection and Introduction. We then sit down with you and the necessary stakeholders to discuss your requirements and the frequency of your clean. You can talk to us about the reasons you’re seeking a new cleaning provider as well as your budget, the level of service you expect and any special requirements you have. It’s important we discuss everything so we can be certain to meet your needs.

During our initial visit, our experienced team will go through your office from top to bottom, covering areas and questions the other commercial cleaning companies never check. This will help us customise our service to meet your needs.

Your Tailored Office Cleaning Experience

You may need a daily clean, a weekly clean or a twice-weekly visit from our team. There may also be special requirements related to the kitchen, desk areas or private offices.

At BCS Cleaning, we use industry specific quoting software to ensure we customise your proposal for you.

BCS Cleaning uses the freshOps service to help us deliver very site-specific Office Cleaning Services with alternating schedules, and rotating tasks that suit your office. This means that you experience the same quality of clean, every time.

Our Professional Cleaners

For more than 20 years, we have been offering the highest quality office cleaning in Brisbane, and our cleaners are the key to our reputation.

Each cleaner goes through a full recruitment, induction and training process which ensures we provide the best service for your premises. Cleaners are matched to your site based on their skills and experience so they can meet your expectations.

Engage the best cleaners today!

All our commercial cleaning staff are fully trained and monitored by our workflow management systems so we know they are following our process and delivering the best results. Request a cleaning proposal and someone from our team will be in touch to arrange a time to meet that suits you.


8 Tips for Cleaning Your Freezer

Cleaning your freezer is not simply about removing food and allowing it to defrost. There are actually many steps to getting it done right! To ensure its optimal performance over time, here are 8 tips for cleaning your freezer:

  1. Unplug the freezer The first thing to do when cleaning your freezer is to turn it off. This will prevent the risk of electrical shock and other injuries as your freezer defrosts. Since turning off your freezer will cause it to defrost, make sure you place it in an area where extra water will not damage the floor or other appliances. If necessary, place towels or old newspapers underneath it to soak up water.
  2. Remove all the food After you turn off your freezer, remove all the food from inside to prepare for the big wash-down. Place all food items in the fridge or another freezer to keep them cool while you clean. Place frozen food into plastic storage totes or large containers with lids. By storing food in sealed containers, you can prevent premature defrosting. Line containers with towels or plastic bags to make cleaning easier when the food goes back into the freezer.
  3. Take inventory of everything you have The chances are that a lot of the food inside your freezer has been there for a long time. Cleaning your freezer is a great opportunity to take inventory of everything you have. As you remove the items, write down the names and expiry dates of everything you intend to keep and ensure that the containers are labelled. Also, inspect and smell food to determine if it’s spoiled or not. Indicators of spoiled food include:
    • Abnormal discolouration
    • Foul smells
    • Frost or ice on the food inside the container or packaging
    • Out of date labels
  4. Speed up the defrosting process Once these first few steps are done, it’s time to let your freezer defrost. This could take many hours if you only leave the lid open. However, if you’d like to speed up the process, here’s how:
    • Place a large container of hot water in the freezer and close the lid. You may need to replace the hot water several times.
    • Use a hairdryer on low heat. Keep the water away from the dryer, as it could cause an electrical shock.
  5. Cleaning Once your freezer has defrosted, drain it. Then, use a mild cleanser like dish soap or baking soda and vinegar to clean it out. Here’s how you should clean it:
    • Place a small amount of your cleaner of choice in a bowl and add water to it
    • Dip a cloth in the solution and wash the interior
    • Remove any shelves or baskets and wash them in your sink
    • Rinse your freezer to remove any cleaner
    • Allow it to air dry
    To get rid of any lingering unwanted smells, place a box of baking soda inside and close it for several hours. You can also keep a box of baking soda inside the freezer with your food as a preventative measure, as long as you replace it every few months.
  6. Clean the drip pan and dust the coils After your freezer is dry, clean the drip pan and dust the coils. Locate the drip pan under the freezer. Mop up any water, then pull it out and wash the pan with warm, soapy water and allow to air dry. If your drip pan is fixed in place, use a damp cloth to clean it. To keep your freezer running efficiently, you need to dust the coils. You can easily do this with a vacuum cleaner or a coil brush—just make sure you keep your freezer unplugged!
  7. Clean the exterior of your freezer One of the last steps is to clean the outside with soap and water. Pay special attention to the areas around the handles. For stainless steel exteriors, use commercial stainless steel spray.
  8. Replace and reorganize Now that you have finished cleaning your freezer, it’s time to place your frozen items back inside.
    • To prevent items from being forgotten, organize your food as you put it back inside.
    • Place foods with a long freezer life near the bottom and food that should be used fairly soon near the top.
    • Take your inventory and attach it to the top of your freezer. Keep track of your food as you add or remove items.